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Detergents Specially Formulated for Industrial Cleaning

As your local authorized dealer for Landa Kärcher Group, Karcher and Cuda Kärcher Group, we offer you a large selection of fast, effective and environmentally friendly detergents for pressure washers, parts washers, floor care machines and car washes. Our detergents are available in five-gallon pails to 55 gallon drums and are designed for higher tolerances for hard water, include multi-metal corrosion inhibitor, biodegradable, and most of our detergents are phosphate free. Our detergents also contain helpful additives to prevent hard water and soap build-up. Perfect for various applications, such as, heavy manufacturing, food processing , agriculture, transportation, car washes and industrial applications, our detergents optimize cleaning results while reducing cleaning times.

Our staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and more than happy to assist you with choosing the appropriate detergents for your equipment and your cleaning needs. Our detergent categories include:

Parts Washer Chemicals – designed specifically for use in aqueous parts washers to effectively remove oil, grease, tar, carbon deposits and heavy soil on various surface types, such as, aluminum, ferrous metals, copper brass, iron, steel, stainless steel and even plastic parts. Our parts washer formulas also come in a biodegradable alkaline stripper and rust and corrosion inhibitors. We offer our aqueous parts washer chemicals in a variety of quantities: 40 lbs to 55 gallon drums.

General Purpose Chemicals – designed for use indoors or outdoors, our General Purpose detergent safely removes dirt and grime off exterior walls of homes and facilities, decks and driveways, roofs, machinery, cars, RVs and trucks. It is phosphate free and can be used through a pressure washer.

Automotive Chemicals – for safe removal of dirt and grime on most all vehicles. Our automotive detergent is formulated to reduce water spots, and is safe to use through a high power pressure washer. It’s safe to use on just about any vehicle surface from aluminum and paint to plastic and glass. It is also phosphate free.

Vehicle Chemicals – safe on any finish and can be used through a high pressure power washer to remove stubborn soils, such as bugs, tar, oil, grease deposits, black rubber, road film and brake dust soils. Our vehicle line also offers a liquid wax that improves a vehicle’s appearance, protection against salt, air pollution, acid rain and keeps dirt from adhering to the surface. All our vehicle chemicals are phosphate free.

Fleet Chemicals – offered in various formulas that remove everything from grease, road film and smoke trails to hydraulic oils, concrete splatters and deposits and road salt residue. Our fleet chemicals are designed for commercial transport vehicles: trucks and trailers, farm and construction equipment, buses and trains. Most of our fleet formulas are phosphate free and are safe to use through a high pressure power washer.

Quick Release Detergent – heavy duty vehicle wash for effectively removing dirt, grime, grease and road film from tractor-trailers, heavy equipment, RVs, trucks and autos. Its oil-water-quick release surfactant make it suitable for use with water treatment systems and high pressure washers. Quick Release detergent is also phosphate free.

Industrial Chemicals – industrial and manufacturing line of detergents that are phosphate-free and safe to use through a high pressure washer for removing heavy oils, greases, carbon, lubricants and hydraulic fluids. This line of chemicals also offers a phosphatizing agent for phosphatizing iron and steel parts prior to painting.

Degreaser Chemicals – perfect for food service and processing facilities to remove fats, oils and greases, as well as, sand, mud and road film. These detergents are phosphate free and safe to use through a high pressure washer.

Building and Maintenance Chemicals – a wide range of cleaners for use on exterior and interior homes, shops, concrete, brick and masonry, coils and pumps. Our Building and Maintenance detergents remove everything from oil, grease, baked-on carbon, tar, asphalt, spray paint, marker, hard water scale build up and impedes the growth of mineral deposits. All of these chemicals are phosphate free and safe to use through a high pressure washer.

Floor Cleaner Chemicals – a wide range of everyday cleaning of tile, finished and unfinished concrete, polished stone, painted and epoxy-coated floors. Our no –rinse Floor Cleaner chemicals remove everything from petroleum-based grease, oily soils to common soils. Developed for scrubber machines, our detergents contain ingredients to inhibit scale and contaminant build-up, and all our floor care chemicals are phosphate free.

Vital Oxide – NSF approved as a no rinse sanitizer for non-porous food contact surfaces, this hospital grade disinfectant sanitizer is phosphate free and boosts 7 key attributes. Those key attributes are: disinfection, kills mold, mildew and biofilm, sanitizes, odor elimination allergen removal, carpet sanitizer.

RM 99 Solar Cleaner – specifically designed for cleaning solar and photovoltaic systems. It’s formulated to prevent the formation of limescale, gentle on materials, biodegradable, phosphate free, and it removes stubborn and greasy stains. RM 99 Solar Cleaner is safe to use through a high pressure washer.