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Why a Cuda Parts Washer is a Wise Investment

With a Cuda parts washer, you simply load the dirty parts, close the door and push start. It’s that simple! A single Cuda aqueous parts washer can typically support three to four technicians or mechanics, who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand.

There are many benefits to buying Cuda automatic parts washers, but here we are going to discuss the financial advantages.

Below is an ROI calculator showing how much money you will save every month when you substitute manual labor with a Cuda automatic parts washer.

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In this section, select how many service technicians you currently have, how many hours does each tech spend cleaning parts a day and type in your shop rate.

Number of technicians:
Hours cleaning parts / tech / day:
Shop rate / hour:

Service Fees

In this section, select the number of solvent tanks you have in your shop and type in the amount you pay each month to service and maintain each tank.

Number of solvent tacks in use:
Monthly service per tank:

Other Costs

In this section, type in the amount you pay every month for items used to clean parts (example: solvent cost)

Month cost of "brake clean":