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Should You Rent or Buy Commercial Grade Cleaning Equipment?

Your business needs every competitive edge you can give it, and while you are in the process of finding breaks to take advantage of, it can literally pay to compare the cost of renting against the expenses of buying and maintaining your cleaning equipment.

Regardless of the size, purpose and structure of your business, you wouldn’t want your equipment to be ill-matched for the task or to sit idle and unused.

Williams Cleaning Systems offers a comprehensive inventory of cleaning equipment for purchase and for rent, so we can help you decide which option is best suited for your business, whether it is rental, ownership or a mix of both.

Equipment rental appeals to many businesses because of the many benefits and advantages – some of which are listed below:

No Upfront Investment
Equipment can be an expensive capital cost that must be planned and budgeted for and might require your company to have a “good year” (or more).

When you buy equipment your money is tied up. Not having a large chunk of money tied up in a piece of equipment frees up funds for you to invest in other opportunities and maintain other parts of your business.

Expand your services
If you don’t have the right equipment to take on new opportunities, renting them will get you there. Many businesses can expand into new industries only by renting machines that complement their current lineup without the need for an upfront investment.

Get the Latest, Greatest and Safest
Whether it is pressure washers or floor care equipment, our machines are well maintained, have low hours and are UL safety certified. With quality rental equipment you will finish the job without delays due to unmaintained and underperforming machines.

Your team will be using products that are OSHA compliant. Safety is a huge concern in the workplace. By renting the right equipment your business avoids tragic incidents that can be very costly.

As a good rental partner to our customers we continuously rotate machines off the lineup in order to maintain the most up to date models so that you benefit from your rental machines.

Experts in the Industry
Our experts will match right equipment to your job. We make sure the machines you rent will do the job efficiently - at the least cost to you.

As a strong Landa dealer serving many industries in our territory, we sell new and used equipment and have pressure washers and floor care equipment for rent.

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